Supergirl Season 4 Casts Star Trek's Brent Spiner As Vice President

by Robin Burks – on Aug 01, 2018 in TV News

Brent Spiner of Star Trek fame will join Supergirl as a recurring character for the fourth season of The CW TV series. Spiner will take on the role of the Vice President of the United States.

Most sci-fi fans know Spiner as Data, the android, on Star Trek: The Next Generation. He went on to reprise that role in four Star Trek films. Spiner's most recent work includes a recurring character on Cinemax' Outcast, as well as on Starz' Blunt Talk with his Star Trek: The Next Generation co-star Patrick Stewart. In 2016, he reprised his role of Dr. Brakish Okun in the Independence Day sequel, Independence Day: Resurgence. Spiner is also the voice behind several animated characters, including Star Wars Rebels' Gall Trayvis and Justice League Action's The Riddler.

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WBTV has confirmed that Spiner as Vice President Baker will appear as a recurring character on the fourth season of Supergirl. Here is the official description of the character:

Adept and politically minded, Vice President Baker makes for an unlikely leader, but steps up in a big way when his country needs him most.

Supergirl saw the departure of several characters at the end of its third season. Since then, the show has added a series of new cast members, including Nicole Maines, who will portray TV's first transgender superhero, The Dreamer. That character is also a recurring one, and the new season will offer her origin story The character's comic book inspiration is Dream Girl (once known as The Dreamer), one of the members of the Legion of Superheroes.

The new season will also feature Rhona Mitra as Mercy Graves, Lex Luthor's former bodyguard. Meanwhile, David Ajala will play anti-hero Manchester Black, and Smallville's Sam Witwer will portray villain Agent Liberty. Supergirl has also upgraded Jesse Rath's Brainiac to a series regular for season 4.

Season 4 of Supergirl will take inspiration from the Superman comic book story, Red Son, which told an alternate origin story for Superman. In that tale, Superman's spaceship originally landed in the Soviet Union, rather than in the United States. He goes on to become a superhero, as well as a weapon, for the Soviets. The season 3 finale of Supergirl showed a second version of Kara being "born" in Siberia, which will set up the show's similar story arc.

Supergirl season 4 will also feature the Agents of Liberty, an anti-alien hate group. With the President (as portrayed by Lynda Carter) being an alien, this could mean that Spiner's character will play an essential part in how that story unfolds. Many fans expressed disappointment in season three, which often seemed all over the place. A more solid focus on these specific plot threads for season 4 should provide fans with a more satisfying overall story.

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Supergirl season 4 premieres Sunday, October 14 on The CW.

Source: WBTV

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