Spider-Man PS4's Difficulty Levels Reference Classic Comic Series

by Rob Gordon – on Aug 05, 2018 in Game News

Spider-Man for PS4 may be a very different beast from some of the other iterations of the hero, but the game is going to make some fun references to its comic book history - including through the title's difficulty levels. As such, even though the game is going to have original elements such as the velocity suit, developer Insomniac Games is making a title with love for its roots.

Nonetheless, it's going to be something new for Spider-Man fans in general. Insomniac has created a brand new version of Peter Parker for the title to help it stand out from other adaptations. As well as that, the director has also confirmed that the game will tell an original Spider-Man story, so there's something fresh for players in that regard too.

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That said, close ties to Spider-Man in general will no doubt be appreciated. Insomniac has made this step when it comes to the difficulty settings of Spider-Man PS4, with the three difficulty levels in the title marked as Friendly, Amazing, and Spectacular. Friendly is the 'easy' mode, Amazing the 'normal' difficulty, and Spectacular the 'hard' mode with stronger enemies.

For the uninitiated, these difficulty levels refer to different runs of the Spider-Man comic, namely Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man, and Spectacular Spider-Man. It's a fun little reference, and one that may well be taken well by comic-book fans. From a gameplay perspective, users will be able to change difficulty at any point within the game, depending on whether they find a particular part of the game challenging.

This isn't the only way that Spider-Man PS4 is going to be referring back to the larger Spider-Man universe, either. The game's use of classic Spider-Man villains has been the subject of much discussion, with the title including some of the biggest names in Spider-Man's roster including the likes of Norman Osborne and Electro.

All in all, the game is looking like something special, and thankfully gamers won't have long to wait to get hold of the PS4 exclusive. Spider-Man is set to release in September, and with that release date looming incredibly close it was a relief to hear from Insomniac Games that development on the title has now completed. Hopefully, the title will prove to be worth the wait, delivering another excellent game to the PS4 library.

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