Sailor Moon: 21 Things About Artemis And Luna That Make No Sense


Sailor Moon is one of the most popular animes to ever exist, and it's two cat guardians, Luna and Artemis, are part of the reason why.

While the joy, hope, determination, and spirits of the young Sailor Scouts inspire fans, the cat duo lead the way. Without their feline friends, the group never would have succeeded as much as they did.

Also, of course, who can resist a furry companion?

The Sailor Scouts go through a lot of hardships and their cats are what guide their way. Luna and Artemis give advice, tools, information, support, and friendship.

They follow the scouts through their entire journey and make them better heroes along the way. While a cat isn't the first mentor one would think of, in Sailor Moon, they fit just right.

However, the beloved Luna and Artemis do have their flaws. Some of the things about them are incredibly cryptic, confusing, and even nonsensical.

They may help save the universe, but they aren't free from scrutiny.

Here are the 21 Things About Artemis and Luna That Don't Make Sense.

21 Their Separation on Earth

Queen Serenity sent her cat advisors to Earth so that they could find the Sailor Scouts. However, instead of sending them together, she sent the two cats to separate places.

While that does give them a wider search area, the pair could have used each other in their mission.

Alone, Sailor Venus is the only scout he discovers. Luna discovers the rest.

As all of the scouts were reborn in Tokyo, it didn't make any sense to separate Luna and Artemis at all.

If they had stayed together, Minako would have joined the rest of the Sailor Scouts much earlier.

This means that Luna and Artemis could have become a more effective mentoring team much quicker.

20 Their Daughter From The Future

One of the strangest part of the series was including Chibiusa and Diana, as these characters aren't just time-travelers from the future, but the children of Usagi and Mamoru and Artemis and Luna, respectively.

Sailor Moon is known for being creative, but sending kids back in time is a bit strange even by its standards.

Sending the kids back is particularly dangerous because their parents can't care for them and they could perish on the other end.

The decision seems too dangerous and really reflects poor judgment on future Artemix and Luna as parents.

After all, despite Diana and Chibiusa's abilities, they are still children in the context of the immortal Crystal Tokyo.

Chibiusa is 902, but she is also the body and whims of a seven year old. Diana is similar.

19 Luna's Teasing of Artemis

Luna, while a mentor and friend, is also very condescending to both Usagi and Artemis.

Oddly enough, though, these are the people she cares about most. She is the stricter of the two cat advisers, and perhaps her slights make sense for the young Usagi, but they don't for Artemis, despite the fact that he's meant to be her partner, her companion, and the love of her life.

Witty banter is fun, but Luna's always pushes the line a little to seem unkind.

Sometimes what she says makes it seem like she doesn't love Artemis at all, which is hardly the truth.

Her quips put an odd strain and weird power dynamic in their relationship. Even if it's meant in good faith, Luna never should berate people she loves so much.

It may be funny for others, but it's not funny for them.

18 Their Normal Cat Behavior

Sailor Moon reveals that its furry guides aren't just cats who talk. They are actually aliens from a different planet. It's a fascinating part of Luna and Artemis' characters.

However, it is a bit disjointed that they do have the same cat-like behaviors as earth cats since they're supposed to be aliens.

It's already pretty unbelievable that their two forms look like cats and humanoids. The addition of them, at times, acting like normal house cats pushes that disbelief over the edge.

After all, wouldn't a wizened adviser find belly scratches or cat treats a little undignified?

Furthermore, it's simply lazy writing. It could have been fascinating to see more difference between these creatures of Mau and the earth creatures they look like.

17 Their Use of Computers

A mind-blowing part of the original Sailor Moon series was its use of computers. Computers for recreational use were fairly novel.

Some characters, like Usagi, didn't know how to use them much except for video games. This makes it even more astounding that Luna and Artemis are heavily fluent in computers.

They both manipulate programs, accumulate data, and communicate through them.

How did two cat-like aliens learn to be proficient in computer science? Who knows.

The Moon Kingdom itself was high tech in its crystal power, but it didn't seem high tech in circuitry.

They also probably would have had to learn from someone, as computers are hard to pick up without long-term exposure.

However, in Sailor Moon, no questions asked, cats are just computer whizzes.

16 Luna and Artemis' Erased Memories

When Queen Serenity sent her advisers Luna and Artemis to Earth to guide and protect the reborn Sailor Scouts, she erased everyone's memories.

Doing this for the Sailor Scouts allowed them to have regular upbringings before reclaiming their lost pasts.

Artemis and Luna, though, never should have lost this memories. Not having their full memories only made it harder for them to reconnect all the scouts.

If this was the case, Luna never would have mistaken Ami for a villian. She would have recognized Rei faster. There would be far less confusion about the identity of Tuxedo Mask.

Also, most importantly, the identity of Princess Serenity wouldn't have been some obscure mystery.

To be their most effective, the duo should have kept their memories to get the team up to speed much faster than they did.

However, instead, they remained nearly clueless for far too long.

15 The Group Never Visiting Planet Mau

Sailor Moon, understandably, focuses a lot on the history of the Moon Kingdom and its various affiliates. When the Scouts go into space, those are the places they go to.

However, for all Luna's and Artemis' involvement, the group never goes to their homeworld, Mau.

Mau has fallen under some terrible times, as its Sailor Scout has been overthrown and a new person is stealing her powers.

Instead of going to help resolve the chaos of their planet, though, the cat advisers and their team never go there at all.

It would already make sense to visit at least once because the cats come from there. However, it makes even less sense because the planet is in turmoil and the Sailor Scouts could really help out.

There could have been an entire arc about going to and saving Mau, but instead it's only mentioned in passing.

Featured Today 10 New Character Additions That Hurt Sons Of Anarchy (And 10 That Saved It) Star Trek: 20 Things Wrong With Deep Space Nine We All Choose To Ignore 10 Casting Decisions That Hurt Orange Is The New Black (And 10 That Saved It) 14 Their Gender Swaps

In most versions of Sailor Moon, Artemis is a boy and Luna is a girl. However, two different dubs have some contrary opinions on that. In Portugal and France, the dubs of the series switched the gender roles of the two characters.

In France, they simply made a mistake, assuming Artemis was a girl. Partway through their broadcasting of the show, they realize the error and fix it. Their gender swapping was just a tremendous oversight.

Portugal, however, is more fascinating. They made Luna a boy and changed Artemis into a girl, even changed his name to Artemisa.

It's unknown why they thought this was a necessary change.

Unlike France, though, they stuck with their decision. Ergo, in Portugal, Luna is a guy now.

13 Artemis Secretly Advising Luna

In Sailor Moon, Luna used a computer with a specific password to accumulate data and reference some information.

What she didn't know was that one of her sources was actually Artemis, advising her in disguise. She only finds out it's him when, once, he makes the mistake of showing his face on screen.

However, Artemis' decision to keep his assistance secret doesn't make any sense.

There's no reason why he shouldn't just come out and tell Luna it's him. This would have connected them much quicker and would have made her group of Sailor Scouts aware of him and Sailor V much faster.

Also, Artemis could have gotten appreciation for his help, instead of just being some nameless stranger behind a screen.

Their mission, and his relationship with Luna, could have progressed earlier.

12 Where They Hide Sailor Tools

Early on in the series, Luna slowly reveals different tools and items to Usagi and her friends to use.

For example, she's the one who gives Usagi, Ami, Rei, and Makoto their original sailor scepters. Similarly, Artemis must have done this for Minako.

These tools become vital to the girls' ability to fight off evil.

There is one very inexpiable part about all of this, though: where do these tools come from?

When Luna summons these tools, she sometimes jumps and they appear out of thin air, or she simply kicks them over to the girls.

However, it's never explained where these tools come from, where they're stored, or if they exist in some odd storage plane only Luna and Artemis can access, etc.

These two cats create powerful weapons from thin air. It's baffling.

11 Cats Counseling a Queen

Queen Serenity ruled over all of the Moon Kingdom on her own, created the Sailor Scouts and raisingher heroic daughter.

To get so much done, obviously she needed help. However, it's a bit surprising that her help came in the form of two alien cats.

Artemis and Luna are good friends and wise do-gooders, but they aren't the most logical counsel.

After all, they are the only cats off Mau that the series shows. What made them particularly good advisers instead of anyone around her?

It's not their abilities that are in question. The question is more about why Serenity trusted alien cats over anyone else and why they left Mau to be advisers to a humanoid queen.

There is a lot of the Moon Kingdom's past shrouded in mystery and little of it can be explained.

10 Artemis' Crush on Sailor Venus

Artemis, fascinating as he is, has a bit of a secret: he has a crush on his Sailor companion, Sailor Venus.

While Luna juggled her four wards, Artemis and Minako spent a lot of time on their own trying to protect the world from evil. They grow so close that he often uses her pet name, Mina, and they are nearly inseparable.

Mina sees Artemis as her best friend, but Artemis is a little more affected by her kindness and beauty.

Is it weird he's a cat alien? Of course. Is it also weird she's fourteen? Definitely.

Though Artemis harbors this crush on her, he never acts on it.

It's unknown if he still feels this way, even if his one true love is Luna.

9 The Pair's Alien Origins

When fans first meet Luna, she just seems like a strange, hyper-intelligent cat from the past.

However, as Sailor Moon develops, it's revealed that Luna and Artemis aren't cats at all. They are aliens from a planet called Mau. There, all the people look like cats.

It's not just a planet full of cats, though. The residents of Mau are all highly intelligent and each have a humanoid form they can take, though they can't maintain it for long.

The planet is prominent enough to even have its own Sailor Scout, though she was defeated and her powers were stolen.

Other than that, not much is known about the mysterious race.

Overall, though, fans know that Luna and Artemis are so much more than meets the eye.

8 Their Inconsistent Ability to Recognize Sailor Power

Luna is the one who awakens the majority of the Sailor Scouts, while Artemis is in London with Minako. The wise cat has a varying ability to identify the girls, however, and it causes Usagi and friends some trouble.

For example, she recognizes Usagi's abilities nearly on sight. No other scout is quite as easy.

When it comes to Ami, Luna could tell she had great power, but mistook that power for evil. This led to Usagi stalking poor Ami until they realized the truth.

For Rei, Luna didn't notice her power at all until her Mars power symbol showed up on her forehead.

As for Makoto, Luna mentions feeling a "power within her" upon meeting, but ignores it otherwise. Then, symbol shows up and Luna awakens her powers.

Luna is wildly inconsistent in her ability to recognize scouts and it's senseless at best.

7 Luna Thinking Diana Isn't Her Daughter

When Diana first appeared, she caused a lot of tension between the two leading cats.

Luna, for unknown reasons, thought that Diana couldn't be her daughter and assumed Artemis cheated on her/left her in the future.

This made Luna very sad for awhile, as she believed that Artemis had betrayed her trust.

Diana, however, looks like a perfect blend of Luna and Artemis.

Also, since it's known she came from the future, it's obvious that it's they're daughter.

While Luna showing her deep feelings for Artemis is sweet, it's an illogical reaction.

Look at the gray skin, the face, the companionship with a Sailor Scout. Diana couldn't be anything but hers. However, sometimes wild assumptions make for for good drama.

6 Their Unused Human Forms

All cats from Mau are extra special because of their ability to take on a human form.

While they can only use it for a little while, it is a seriously fascinating aspect of their race.

It even could be very useful in getting Luna and Artemis into places where cats aren't allowed, or as a way to distract or trick enemies.

Despite the possible uses for this human form, neither cat uses it at all during the anime. Luna only uses her human form once, during the Sailor Moon S movie. However, even then, it's to kiss a human, where her priorities are a tad askew.

Though it's understandable not to use the power too much, it's crazy that the cats never use their human forms to help the Sailor Scouts.

5 Luna's Poorly Timed Warnings

Luna, especially early on, leads Usagi on wild investigations around town to find sources of evil.

Unfortunately, Luna also overestimates Usagi's reaction skills.

Many times, Luna leads Sailor Moon and friends into danger, only to give them warnings after the danger's already afoot.

For example, in one episode, an enemy is using clocks to drain people's energy. Luna finds Usagi's clock suspicious, and even dangerous, but doesn't tell Usagi this until she's already suffering the effects.

This almost gets Usagi seriously hurt during a fight.

Luna always finds good leads and helps pull things out at the end of the day, but it would be better if these kind of situations could have been avoided.

Her warnings could use much better timing.

4 Their Unnaturally Long Lives

Luna and Artemis' ages are obscure, but decidedly much older than the age of average cats.

When the Moon Kingdom existed, the two were old and wise enough to be advisers to the queen. Then she sent them to Earth, where they waited for the Sailor Scouts for many years.

Then, they lived unknown amount of years to marry and have Diana, the cat companion of the 900 year old Chibiusa.

In theory, they cats could easily be over a thousand years old.

While not vital to the plot, revealing their ages would have added depth to their characters and the abilities of their race.

The cats of Mau are relatively unknown, other than what we see from these two. More information would have made sense. Instead, fans are left in the dark.

3 Their Poor Life Mentorship

Luna and Artemis are the best mentors the Sailor Scouts could ever ask for. However, they are also the worst mentors for teenage girls.

When it comes to saving the world, the cat pair are fantastic, helpful, and wise. When it comes to life, they're judgmental, goofy, and sometimes just as immature.

Luna is off-puttingly critical, and Artemis, when there isn't a fight, is not very serious.

Because of this, they don't guide the girls very well in their personal lives.

This kind of disjointed mentorship might be why Usagi spent so much time hiding her relationship with Mamoru from her family, why they can't seem to get Rei and Usagi to stop fighting, and why Usagi still cannot pass a test for the life of her.

2 Luna's Attraction to Humans

Artemis isn't the only one with strange affections. Luna falls in love with a few humans - namely, two specific human males: Yaten Kao and Kakeru Ozura.

Luna spends time with Yaten when he's at Usagi's school. He longs to find the one, and Luna grows a crush on the sensitive young man.

Her relationship with Kakeru was a little more serious. The young astronomer saves her from being hit by a car.

She falls in love with his kind heart, but is devastated to hear that he has a girlfriend. Luna uses her human form to get in a kiss before letting him and his lady walk off into the sunset.

It's unfair to say it's crazy for an alien to love a human. However, Luna does seem to fall in love a little too quickly with Earth men.

1 Their Survivability in The Streets of Tokyo

Before finding the Sailor Scouts, Luna and Artemis are forced to wander the streets.

Though this is a horrible life, it's shown that they meet a few people along the way.

Luna, in particular, manages to run into a small pack of wild boys trying to attack her. If it wasn't for Usagi, who knows what would have happened.

The streets of Tokyo aren't very kind to strays. The fifth episode of the series, surrounding the effects of evil pets, shows the conditions of strays.

While kids are distracted by the evil Chanela, they ignore a puppy whose taken to eating trash to live.

Any city streets are cruel towards strays. Artemis and Luna were lucky to survive, even if they are intelligent aliens.


Did we miss anything else strange about Luna and Artemis in Sailor Moon? Let us know in the comments!

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