Naruto: 31 Crazy Things About Sasuke's Body

by Stephanie Marceau – on Jul 28, 2018 in Lists

Naruto introduced fans to the world of shinobi and the complex missions that they face. At the center of it all are the Team 7 trio: Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke.

Fans have followed them as they grow from young children into adults in Boruto: Naruto Next Generation. They face the drama of youth, but they also face the hardships of battle, war, danger, betrayal, and loss.

One of the most turbulent characters was Sasuke Uchiha. The last Uchiha clan member suffered through a lot of poor decisions and trauma throughout the series.

He was also blinded by hatred and revenge, driven to become powerful enough to destroy everything that hurt him. It's the curse of the Uchiha clan to be outsiders.

However, Sasuke's friends change that by desperately spending years trying to get him to come back home.

Eventually, Naruto and Sakura get through to him, but this doesn't mean that Sasuke doesn't get pretty beaten up along the way. Because of his insatiable desire for vengeance and power, he endures a lot of changes within his mind and body. He may return to his friends' sides, but he's never quite the same ever again.

Here are the 31 Crazy Things About Sasuke's Body.

31 He Has A Sharingan

The most iconic part of Sasuke's body is his Sharingan, which is a power of the Uchiha clan. It appears in the eyes of its users.

At its greatest strength, it can make its user unimaginably powerful. The Sharingan is used for many things, but it's most well-known for recognizing chakra, following movements, and learning others' abilities.

Sasuke gained his Sharingan the night his parents perished, as great emotions activate its power.

The Sharingan gives Sasuke's body such an edge that, merely by having it, he's acknowledged as a strong ninja.

30 He was Infected With the Cursed Seal of Heaven

During the Chunin exams, Team 7 had a terrible run-in with Orochimaru. The snake villain's goal was to get Sasuke on his side.

Instead of using persuasion, though, Orochimaru infected him with the Cursed Seal of Heaven. This seal makes the victim much more powerful, but gives them immense pain.

Kakashi tries to seal the curse away, but Sasuke becomes tempted by power and joins Orochimaru to become stronger.

The mad scientist then releases seal to get to its second level. Here, he gains immense power and new abilities that make him an alarming foe.

The Cursed Seal of Heaven is a temptation and power that changed Sasuke's body forever.

29 He's Ambidextrous

Most of the Naruto shinobi have a dominant hand they use to perform their ninja ways. Sasuke, however, switches between both hands for a lot of things and uses both frequently.

Some of the most common examples include using his left hand for certain ninjutsu and attacks, while using his right hand for writing and sword-fighting.

This makes him a more versatile foe, able to use both hands equally in a fight. This becomes even more important when Sasuke's body has to deal with having only one arm.

28 He's Unimaginably Fast

Sasuke's Sharingan effects a lot of other aspects of his body, as it is the foundation of his fighting style. One of its greatest powers is speed.

Sasuke can become terrifyingly fast, to the point that many can't even see him when he moves.

The Sharingan lets him hone his own speed and be a faster fighter, making it harder for enemies to track him. This boost gives Sasuke an advantage and, if ever needed, an immediate retreat.

After all, it's quite hard to fight what can't be seen. His body becomes a bullet all on its own.

27 He's Immune to Poison

When Sasuke joined Orochimaru, the mad scientist of a former shinobi injected him with a lot of substances. This was to experiment with concoctions that might make Sasuke even more powerful.

Because of Orochimaru injected him with countless strange liquids, the Uchiha heir becomes immune to poisons.

This is likely because Orochimaru injected him with so many dangerous substances that he eventually built an immunity to them.

It's something that troubles Sakura when they reconnect with Sasuke. After so many trials, his body has just become too accustomed to poison to be bothered.

26 He's had Wings

When Orochimaru unsealed the Cursed Seal of Heaven, Sasuke gained a lot of strange powers. One of the most unique, however, was the ability to sprout wings from his back.

When the seal reached its second level, they sprung from his shoulder blades as two fleshy, webbed wings.

With them, Sasuke could fly and deflect attacks. However, in a fight with Deidara, he sacrifices his wings to protect himself.

His mobility in battle was insane when he had them, and they truly enforced the supernatural nature of his body under the Cursed Seal of Heaven.

25 His Right Hand Can Perform One-Handed Seals

Proficient in most things and quite the adaptive fighter, Sasuke also learned to create one-handed seals instead of two-handed.

His right hand became very precise and disciplined in order to perform these seals perfectly. Whenever his left hand was incapacitated, it gave him an edge and an ability to keep fighting.

His best one-handed seals included Fire Release seals and his Chidori. However unfortunate the circumstances were, being unable to use his other side, Sasuke grew to remain a capable ninja.

His body as a whole doesn't give up, even if parts of him are forced to.

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Sasuke struggled all of his life with who he was and who he wanted to be. Because of this, he felt a deep pull towards the darker side of things and let impulsive emotions tear him apart.

However, Naruto never was quick to give up on his friend.

In an explosive battle after saving the world, Sasuke and Naruto fight for his soul. The battle ends in a truce, with Sasuke accepting Naruto's friendship and faith, but it also ends with each man losing an arm.

Naruto loses his right, while Sasuke loses his left.

While Naruto got a prosthetic replacement, the Uchiha heir chose for his body to remain without an arm.

23 He can mimic other Fighting Styles

Because of his iconic Sharingan, Sasuke has the innate ability to copy other ninja's fighting styles. One of the first cases of this is when he slowly learned how to copy a few of Rock Lee's taijutsu moves.

This becomes an effective way to overwhelm an opponent by using their own techniques, but it also can be great intimidation.

Kakashi catches Zabuza off guard when he copies his hand seals because they are so precise and in-time with his own. S

asuke's body has a great advantage, being able to use his own arsenal of powers as well as his opponents'.

22 His Mind Is Unstable

Hardships have tested Sasuke's mind many times. At eight, his brother claimed the lives of his entire family before Sasuke's very eyes.

Itachi convinced him that he was a merciless monster, only to be revealed as a protective older brother bent on saving the village.

Orochimaru also warped Sauke's mind, making him crave power.

By adulthood, the psychological damage has bent and broken Sasuke into a man who lashes out at others and tries to justify the terrible things he's doing.

He sees himself as a pool of evil, as many bad things have trickled down into him from all these influences. Only his bond with his Team 7 teammates was able to bring his mind and body back to their world.

21 He Almost Went Blind

Strong, emotional moments are what activate the Uchiha clan's Sharingan. Another level of the Sharingan, the Mangekyo, is only activated when someone beloved is lost.

When Sasuke slays Itachi, his brother, he awakens his Mangekyo. The pain is only worsened when he realizes that Itachi did all these terrible crimes to protect him.

The Mangekyo caused more problems, though, because using it slowly makes a person become blind.

That is, unless they take the eyes of a sibling. Itachi's passing saves Sasuke's eyesight, but gives him a constant reminder that he ended someone who loved him dearly.

His sight was able to recover, but not his mind.

20 He's Naturally Talented

Being a member of the Uchiha clan, Sasuke's innate abilities are nothing to scoff at. However, even for an Uchiha, the village recognized that he was especially gifted.

His Sharingan first activated when he was only eight years old. At thirteen, Sasuke barely had to try at all at the ninja academy, as he was always top of the class.

His powers manifested young so he didn't have to hone them much until he was older. When he did hone them, they expounded exponentially.

Sasuke's body was made to be an elite fighter, and it was his mind that elevated him from elite to epic.

19 He can Breathe-fire

Sasuke and the Uchiha clan are well-known for their proficiency in Fire Releases. One of his earliest and most practiced is Fire Release Fire Ball.

He has become so proficient at the technique that he can whip the ability out quickly. So quickly, in fact, that it just looks like breathing fire.

Because of this, Sasuke has this powerful, fiery attack that he can do at will.

His Uchiha fire proficiency, as well as his own training, have made him a ninja capable of breathing fire on his foes, something that is both impressive and intimidating all at the same time.

18 He can Hypnotize Minds

The Sharingan slowly becomes more powerful as the bearer grows. Sasuke eventually attains more powers than copying and recognizing other fighting styles.

With the Sharingan, Sasuke can suggest to a foe's mind to do certain things. This is a power that Kakashi uses early on, and eventually Sasuke does as well.

It gives the user a mental advantage over their opponents. They can make the opponent uncertain, they can suggest an opponent do something, or they can completely unnerve the opponent by making them see things that aren't there.

The Sharingan is a powerful tool that makes Sasuke's body and mind a terrifying, indomitable force.

17 He Underwent A lot of Experimentation

Fans may never know how many experiments Sasuke underwent, but it's easy to guess that Orochimaru that performed many on him.

The known ones include substance injections, the Cursed Seal of Heaven, and the procedures to make him a possible host for Orochimaru.

However, Sasuke's body progresses so much in the few years that Team 7 is apart that it's likely that a lot more was done to him for the sake of power.

Orochimaru also likely tested Sasuke's Sharingan, the implantation of his own powers, and more.

Orochimaru's work changed Sasuke's body irreparably, even if no one knows the full extent.

16 He can create the Amaterasu

The Amaterasu is a mix of the Mangekyo Sharingan and the highest level of Fire Release combining.

Unique, black flames identify it and normal elements, like water, can't take it out. Only the creator can put it out.

It will burn anything in its path into ash.

Sasuke's combination of Sharingan and fire ability gives him this power. The Amaterasu is slow-moving, so it's more of a show of power or an area attack when used.

His body can release such a destructive, powerful flame to deter others from interacting with him and emulate the strength of being a top-tier Uchiha fighter.

15 The Uchiha Curse of Hatred

The Uchiha clan is tied to the The Curse of Hatred. They are a reserved people, but they love their friends and family fiercely.

Love and passion quickly and instantaneously devolve into hatred when their loved ones are lost. Because of this, other villagers often saw Uchiha clan members as unpredictable and troublesome.

This curse is what activates their Sharingan, one of the most powerful clan abilities on earth.

Sasuke is effected by the curse when Itachi slays his parents in front of him, giving him the unwavering, singular goal of ending his brother's life.

This curse not only helps contribute to his strength, but also his fall into darkness.

14 He's had Snakes for Arms

Orochimaru's tutelage causes a body to do a lot of strange things, but one of the strangest is the Hidden Shadow Snake Hands technique.

All ninja affected by Orochimaru's experiements have certain strange abilities from him.

Sasuke, Kabuto, and Anko all use this technique. Their arms can turn into a writhing, aggressive tangle of snakes.

These snakes can extend a very long way, becoming a ranged attack, and can poison an enemy with their venomous fangs.

It's a powerful attack rooted in Orochimaru's own abilities, which is spread onto his lab rats. Sasuke stops using such techniques, but the snakes are forever a part of his body.

13 He has Half of Hagoromo's Chakra

Hagoromo Otsutsuki was one of the twin sons of Kaguya Otsutsuki, the woman who traveled across dimensions and would eventually become an attempted world-eater.

Hagoromo was a powerful ninja and wielded several powerful abilities. These powers were fueled by his high chakra levels.

His chakra was unparalleled, as he was one of the initial chakra-infused beings in the world.

When Naruto and Sasuke where tasked with saving the world from a released Kaguya, the spirit of Hagoromo entrusted one half of his chakra to each man.

With his chakra, Sasuke awakened several powers, mainly the Rinnegan. The power from Hagoromo's chakra elevated Sasuke's body to a new level of strength.

12 He can enter Other's Subconsciousnesses

When Sasuke first tries to leave Konoha, Naruto tries to stop him. To ensure his victory, Sasuke reaches into Naruto's mind and makes him unable to access his Nine-tailed Fox abilities.

Without the demon's immense power, Sasuke defeats Naruto and leaves town.

However, this ability makes it possible for Sasuke to effect an opponent much deeper than any Sharingan hypnotism. With this, he can suppress certain power increases from enemies and overcome them.

However, he only seems to use it on Naruto. This intrusion ability makes his mind just as intimidating as his body.

11 His Hands Can Collect Lightning

Chidori is a collection of lightning in a ninja's hand, which is meant for ninja to use when protecting loved ones.

To do it, a ninja collects a bundle of lightning chakra in their hand to be released at an enemy. However, Sasuke learns the technique and uses it on his own terms.

It becomes a staple of his fighting style and is used many times to hurt others.

As he grows older, the Chidori metamorphisizes into several other moves and becomes an attack all on his own.

At this point, Sasuke's body has become a weapon and this hand-lightning helps him set the world on fire.

10 He Can Channel Lightning into His Weapons

Attached to the Chidori power of channeling lightning chakra, Sasuke spread the lightning ability to other things. One of the most innovative and powerful uses was channeling lightning into his weapons.

As he aged, Sasuke became quite a tremendous swordsman. However, channeling his lightning chakra into the sword only made him all the more effective.

The lightning chakra of the Chidori is condensed and immensely powerful, encapsulating the sword with that lightning simply extends the strength of Sasuke's body to his weapon.

It makes the sword more than a weapon - it becomes a piece of him cutting through other ninja like butter.

9 Someone Will Likely Revive Him One Day

People have a bad habit of resurrecting members of the Uchiha clan. Both Madara and Itachi were fully resurrected, and everyone thought Obito had perished.

Beyond the Uchiha's, however, several powerful ninja have been revived in one way or another. This includes Orochimaru, Zabuza, Haku, Hashirama Senju, and more.

As Sasuke is a very powerful ninja, and his clan seems to attract resurrections, someone will likely revive him one day.

Be it after an untimely passing or long after his end, as one of the two most powerful ninja who saved the world, this makes for an attractive revival.

8 He was the Last Human With Uchiha Blood

After the Fourth Shinobi War and the near end of the world, Sasuke becomes the only Uchiha left alive. Madara is vanquished and Obito sacrifices himself to ensure their victory.

The Uchiha clan sincerely has the option to start fresh, as the only remaining member decides not to continue the historical rivalry and blood feud.

Luckily for Sasuke, though, he falls in love with Sakura and they have a daughter, Sarada.

With Sarada, the Uchiha clan lives on and has the possibility to grow once more. He and his daughter are just the beginning.

Passing his genes on has given the Uchiha clan a second chance.

7 Orochimaru Changed His Body to Host Him

During Sasuke's time with Orochimaru, a lot changed about him. The most alarming, however, was the mad scientist's work towards making the Uchiha his next host.

Orochimaru stayed so young and lived so long because he took new bodies every so often. When he did this, he absorbed their powers and became stronger.

Orochimaru planned to do this to Itachi, but settled for the younger, more impressionable Sasuke.

Sasuke went through many trials and tests to become a perfect vessel. However, when Orochimaru tried to enter Sasuke's, Sasuke was prepared.

Hee kept control of his body and Orochimaru was shoved into his subconscious.

6 He has the Rinnegan in His Left Eye

The Rinnegan opens up the world's secrets. Those who use it can accomplish many wondrous things with it.

Sasuke gains his Rinnegan after absorbing half of Hagoromo's chakra, finally unlocking the ability within himself. Almost all notable ninja with the Rinnegan are from the Otsutsuki or Uchiha clans.

With the Rinnegan, Sasuke can decipher codes and languages, increase pattern recognition, open up more powerful moves, and most notably, use the Space-Time Ninjutsu.

This means that Sasuke can see time rifts, teleport, and even transcend into other dimensions. The Rinnegan makes his body more powerful than ever before.

5 He can create a Susanoo

A Susanoo is an avatar made of chakra that can be extended outwards from a ninja. This avatar will be larger than its creator and will protect them in battle.

Susanoo avatars are very powerful. Sasuke's ability to conjure one gives his body added protection from attacks.

He first sees this power in his brother, Itachi, and later is able to create his own. It's only available once an Uchiha ninja has Mangekyo Sharingan in both eyes.

Sasuke can create attacks while the Susanoo protects him, making this extension of his chakra extremely effective.

While he fights, his body protects itself with the Susanoo, making him an extremely powerful shinobi.

4 He's the Reincarnation of Indra Otsutsuki

Kaguya Otsutsuki, who was the first to have chakra on earth, had two sons: Hagoromo and Hamura. Hagoromo also had two sons, Indra and Asura.

However, Hagoromo's sons didn't get along well. Asura didn't have the innate abilities of his brother. Indra was a genius prodigy. However, through hard work and dedication, Asura becomes quite powerful.

They started a dangerous rivalry that superseded life. After they passed on, both brothers were reincarnated.

The first time they were reborn was in Hashirama Senju and Mandara Uchiha. This ended fatally once more.

The next rebirth was Naruto Uzamaki and Sasuke Uchiha. This time, the rival sons accepted friendship over hatred. Sasuke and Naruto's bodies ended the cycle.

3 He has All of Orochimaru's Powers

Orochimaru chose Sasuke to be his next host. However, the young ninja wasn't planning on becoming a host for someone else.

When Orochimaru tried to take over Sasuke's body, he was instead shoved into his subconsciousness and the young Uchiha maintained control.

This meant that their powers melded. Sasuke now had Orochimaru's healing, transforming, and summoning abilities.

He used these powers to be an even more intimidating force on the battlefield.

Orochimaru didnt keep him as a host for long, though, switching over to the loyal Kabuto instead.

It's unknown how many of these powers Sasuke's body retained after separation.

2 He has a Very Dark Chakra

Chakra is a kind of life energy within a person that helps them create powerful moves and abilities. There are a fair amount of shinobi who even can see chakra emanating from others.

Several ninja acknowledge that Sasuke's chakra is very dark and powerful.

It's partially shaped by the Uchiha Curse of Hatred that dwells within him and by the fact that he is a reincarnation of the immensely strong Indra Otsutsuki.

The older he gets, and the stronger he becomes, the more others comment on how sinister his chakra is becoming. This reflects him delving into darkness.

He changes for those he loves, but his body will never shake the dark origins of its chakra.

1 His Body has become a Reminder of His Sins

Through many battles and tribulations, Sasuke has developed a lot of scars and broken parts of himself. However, the wounds and scars don't get erased or repaired, as Sasuke refuses to heal them.

He sees through Itachi's eyes and reminds himself of the terrible loss of his village.

His lost arm is seen as a memento for all of the terrible things that Sasuke has done.

The arm bands that he wears on his leftover arm, which are common to the clan he lost, force Sasuke to remember the Uchiha clan and the mistakes they made.

Sasuke's entire body has become a reminder of where he's come from, what he's done, and how he must do better.


Can you think of any other facts about Sasuke's body in Naruto that we might have missed? Let us know in the comments!

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