LeBron vs. Jordan Debate is Dead, Says Michael Rapaport


Michael Rapaport LeBron vs. Jordan Debate's Over ... MJ is The G.O.A.T.

6/11/2018 7:57 AM PDT


The greatest-of-all-time argument between LeBron James and Michael Jordan is just like the dodo bird and T. rex ... dead forever, so says Michael Rapaport.

Rapaport's point ... LBJ getting swept 4-0 by the Warriors effectively ends any conversation that he's better than MJ ... 'cause nothin' like that ever happened to His Airness.

"It's over. You're not better than Jordan. Jordan won 6 rings."

We then threw it back to Rap ... asking him if his opinion would change if LeBron got on a hot streak and ended up winning as many rings as Jordan.

"There is no 'let's say.' He got f**king swept."

Ya hear that, LeBron? Retire now.

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