Leaked Avengers 4 Toy Art Warns of a Bigger Threat Than Thanos


Avengers 4 might see Thanos team up with another villain. Some recently leaked Hasbro toy artwork showed off a new suit for the Avengers that looks pretty similar to Hank Pym's tech in Ant-Man and the Wasp, leading to further speculation that the Quantum Realm will play a big part in the final film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase 3. Now, upon closer inspection, the toy artwork offers some hints that the Mad Titan won't be alone when Avengers 4 hits theaters next year.

The Avengers 4 toy art is specifically for a two-pack containing the Thor and Rocket Raccoon action figures in their new suits. For the description of Thor, the label reads, "The Asgardian Thor wields the mighty Stormbreaker in his battle against new foes." and then the one for the lone Guardian of the Galaxy, it says, "Rocket teams up with a new crew to guard the galaxy from an even greater threat."

This has led to questions about who the "new foes" and the "greater threat" are in Avengers 4. Infinity War proved that Thanos became the most powerful being in the universe after he obtained all of the Infinity Stones. With that being said, the villain was hurt pretty badly at the end of the film and the Infinity Gauntlet was destroyed, which means that some help is more than likely needed as a new group of Avengers assemble to take him down once and for all. There have been rumors that this new villain could be Annihilus, which would fit into the Avengers: Annihilation title rumors.

It's also entirely possible that the Mad Titan angered a lot more people in the universe aside from the wounded Avengers. If that's the case, there's going to be a lot of people on the hunt for the villain in Avengers 4. These new threats could also be others trying to obtain the Infinity Stones as well, which could be pretty interesting. For now, this is all speculation. These new threats could actually be tied to going back in time to retrieve the Stones before Thanos can get his hands on them.

Avengers 4 is completely shrouded in mystery, which is a lot of fun, but it's also testing the patience of some hardcore MCU fans, who are still waiting for the official title. The first footage and title are expected to be revealed by the end of the year, so let's hope that Marvel Studios delivers something that lives up to the intense expectations that have been growing ever since Infinity War was released in April. Regardless, it's shaping up to be an epic battle that might see the deaths of some of the most beloved superheroes in history. While we wait for more official information, you can check out the toy art below, thanks to K-POW's Instagram account.

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