Giovanni Doll & Jay Dor: Quick Facts About Lesbian Couple Who Died Days Apart From Cancer & Suicide


4Jay Dor took her own life days after Giovanni died.

Following Giovanni’s death, Jay Dor posted several messages and videos showing how distraught she was over her death and the fact that they were broken up when it happened.

On Monday (Jul. 29), Jay Dor posted a video on her page in which she broke down into tears and spoke on how hard it was for her to deal with Giovanni’s death.

She also spoke on Giovanni helping her get her own house and how she tried to call her days before she died to make amends, but her phone was broken.

Jay Dor continued to post on her page about Giovanni’s death and how badly it was affecting over the next few days.

She wrote in one particularly alarming message: “Dawg I feel like I’m dying giiiiiiiio baby dawg I’m fucking hurting dawg I’m hurt I’m so fuckn hurt.”

Then things took a turn for the worse when Jay Dor began posting messages hinting that she was going to take her own life.

“Baby save room for me,” she wrote in one post. “I promise I’m coming for you.”

She shared in another: “I’m scared I’m not about to lie but I still gotta get to you.”

Jay Dor’s friends commented on her posts and begged her not do anything to harm herself, but that didn’t stop her from posting about her suicidal thoughts.

“The pain I have behind these will soon be over like I have a sense of excitement because we gone be together again !!!!!!,” she wrote in one of her last posts.

She followed that post with a farewell message naming close family members and telling them how much she loved them.

She also posted another video speaking on reuniting with Giovanni.

And a collage of their photos and videos together with the caption: “Baby I’m coming. True love”.

In the final video posted on her page, Jay Dor said she simply couldn’t take the pain anymore.

Below are her last two posts before she took her life.

According to several sources, Jay Dor died by suicide after she jumped off a bridge into the Detroit River while on Facebook Live.

Below is said to be the video she posted on Facebook Live before taking her life. In the video (which has since been deleted), Jay Dor reveals to viewers that she is about to kill herself.

The clip disturbingly ends not long after Jay Dor appears to jump off the bridge.

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