Captain Marvel Scene Description Takes Starforce to Planet Torfa


Carol Danvers is leading Starforce on a mission to locate a missing spy on the planet Torfa in the very first scene description. Fans of the Captain Marvel comics will recognize the location right away as will readers of the Infinity comic series from 2013. The planet was where many refuges of the Builder War are located and was once thought to be poisonous. As it turns out, Torfa's poison pollution was due to the secret extraction of Vibranium from the Sentimault, which was discovered by Carol Danvers.

The first scene description from Captain Marvel comes from a visit to the California set of the film. A wealth of information about the upcoming Carol Danvers standalone movie was revealed last week, including a first look at Brie Larson as the titular character along with the rest of the cast. But the Torfa scene description is the first bit of official info that we have about part of the story. The description reads.

"What used to be a sand quarry in Simi Valley, California, has been transformed into the planet Torfa, complete with blue-streaked sand and towering stone archways. Carol Danvers is here as part of the elite alien Kree military team Starforce, and they're on the hunt for a missing spy. The swirling fog gives the scene an ethereal look, but it also presents a problem: it's interfering with Starforce's comms, and the mission is dangerous enough without the possibility that their enemy, the shape-shifting Skrulls, might be lurking."

From that description with the fog, it seems that Captain Marvel will go with the source material and feature pollution from the secret extraction of the Vibranium. The scene description goes even further, and gives some insight into the Carol Danvers character. Brie Larson has already discussed what a complex character Danvers is and Jude Law has commented that she will be learning to harness her powers throughout the film. The description goes on to say.

"But even with the looming danger, even with the fog, Brie Larson's {NEfrCeAASz3Yjf||Air Force pilot-turned intergalactic warrior, aka Captain Marvel, is itching for action. So when her commander (Jude Law) gives the go ahead, she's the first one through the doorway."

While the scene description isn't really spoiling anything, it's awesome to know that Torfa will be making an appearance. The planet could lead to a Wakanda connection with the addition of the Vibranium mining. Since Torfa is relatively new to the Captain Marvel universe, it seems that the movie will be able to create an interesting place while adding new aspects to it that isn't taken directly from the comics.

Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8th, 2019 and MCU fans are itching for a trailer, especially now that we have a scene description to add to the previous information that we received last week. As to when the first teaser trailer will arrive, that's anyone's guess, but many believe that we will see the first footage in the next few weeks, especially if Marvel Studios continues the patterns for Infinity War and Black Panther promotional campaigns. In the meantime, you can check out the scene description for Captain Marvel below, thanks to Entertainment Weekly.

Brief description of a Captain Marvel scene that EW saw as it was filmed.

Interesting planet mentioned.

— Rochi Shion (@Marvel_Freshman) September 9, 2018

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