Canceled Timeless Failed To Find New Home, Wrap-Up Movie Uncertain


by Robin Burks – on Jul 02, 2018 in TV News

It looks like Timeless will not get picked up by a streaming service, nor will it get a TV movie to wrap up its loose plot threads. Fans of the series are probably out of luck because it seems that time has officially run out for Timeless.

Timeless follows the adventures of a group of time travelers sent to prevent an evil group called Rittenhouse from erasing certain key points in U.S. history. Rittenhouse believes that it can manipulate history to create a better future, at least for its group. The series quickly picked up a huge social media following that continues to support the show even now. The season 2 finale ended on a major cliffhanger with one major cast member dead, although the end of that episode teased that there was a way to save him.

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It took NBC over a month after that finale to decide to cancel the series, much to the chagrin of its hardcore fanbase. However, many held out hope that another network or streaming subscription service would pick it up. There was also talk of a two-hour movie to tie up the loose ends. Now, however, Timeless co-creator Shawn Ryan has tweeted that the future of the show doesn't look good:

NBC originally put Timeless on the chopping block after its first season. After a huge fan campaign on social media, though, the network changed its mind and ordered season 2. Season 2 ended in May. Once NBC started announcing which shows it planned on renewing and canceling, though, the network seemed unclear on what to do with the series. NBC took over a month to announce that it would not order a third season.

It's possible that NBC took so long to announce official end of the series because it was waiting for the show's cast members' contracts to run out first (as Ryan has now confirmed to be the case). That will make it difficult for the show to continue on in any form - something that will do little but further upset Timeless fans who have long felt that NBC never gave the time-travel adventure series a fair shake. Either way, it sounds like Clockblockers will probably never get to find out how the Timeless team planned to save Rufus from what seemed like a permanent death.

We will bring you more Timeless-related updates if/when they become available.

Source: Shawn Ryan

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