Arrow Season 7 Episode 20 Recap


Arrow Season 7 Episode 20 Recap

Two subway security guards are dead and all signs point to someone on Team Arrow as the killer on this week’s Arrow. Dinah and Officer Pollard begin by interrogating Oliver, who sets up the scenario. The team went to the subway to stop the 9th Circle from deploying the stolen bio-weapon in the subway and killing thousands.

Olicity’s Story


Oliver tells Dinah that Felicity determined that the 9th Circle couldn’t deploy the weapon without a dispersal device, which can only be found in one place in the city. Oliver and Diggle approach Aerodyne CEO Jason Toth about the company being the potential target of terrorists and offer to beef up security. Toth turns them away. Felicity digs into Toth’s file and discovers that he has been selling to the 9th Circle. If they want to stop the 9th Circle from buying the device, they need to call in someone with a particular set of skills.

Everyone is happy to have Roy back. He is unknown to Emiko and can infiltrate Aerodyne and stop the 9th Circle from taking possession of the device. Roy arrives too late. Emiko takes the device and escapes while Roy is stuck fighting Virgil and 9th Circle assassins.

Roy’s Story


Roy explains that after missing Emiko at Aerodyne, Felicity determined that there were two potential spots in the subway line where the 9th Circle might deploy the weapon for maximum damage. The team split up, with Roy accompanying Felicity to the control room to shut down the subway’s ventilation system. Roy left Felicity to patrol for 9th Circle assassins and was jumped. Roy says he was knocked out before the security guards discharged their weapons.

Diggle’s Story


Diggle has one of the guards’s blood on his sleeve. He says that he and Rene went to the ventilation shaft. There, they found Emiko. Rene pursued her while Diggle looked for the device. Running through the halls, Diggle came upon the unconscious Roy. Then, he heard the guards fire their weapons. Diggle responded to the scene where the guards were already dead. Rene was standing over them.

Rene’s Story


Rene chased after Emiko, who shot him in the hand and ran away. When Rene heard the shots fired, he ran to the source. When he got there, the guards were already dead. Oliver was with them, having beaten Rene to the scene.

Oliver, Again


Oliver is called back in for questioning. He tells Dinah and Pollard how he single-handedly found and disarmed the device while fighting off a group of 9th Circle assassins. When he heard the gunshots, he ran to the guards and found them dead, with Emiko having been the one who killed them. With Emiko identified as the killer, Team Arrow walks away, in spite of Pollard’s hunch that they’re still covering up something.

What Really Happened


Dinah went to the subway with Team Arrow. She fought alongside Oliver against the assassins. Roy was never knocked out. He was beaten, but followed his attacker down the hall, where he was stopped by the guards. When one grabbed him, Roy snapped and beat them to death. The team collectively agreed to cover it up, in spite of the ethical issues involved in doing so.

Back at the bunker, Oliver recognizes Roy’s bloodlust as a byproduct of being resurrected in a Lazarus Pit. Roy says he thought that he had it under control with Thea and Nyssa’s help, but clearly that’s not the case. Meanwhile, Felicity identifies Emiko entering an abandoned building just outside of town. Before the team moves out to confront her, Felicity thanks Dinah for wiping the security footage of what happened at the subway station. Dinah says it wasn’t her, she thought Felicity had removed the footage.

At the abandoned building, Emiko separates Oliver from the group. She tells him that right now, the SCPD is receiving the security footage from the subway, which will prove that Dinah and Team Arrow are involved in the cover up. When asked why she’s doing this, Emiko admits that she wants Oliver to suffer and die, that he’s a villain, just like their father. Emiko tells Oliver that she knew the Queen’s Gambit was rigged to explode and could have stopped it but didn’t. She blows up the building, trapping Oliver in the rubble.

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