El Chapo’s long-awaited trial kicked off Tuesday (Nov. 13) in federal district court in New York, but it was briefly delayed due to an “anxious and upset” juror who brought a doctor’s note to court in an effort to help get her removed from the case.The woman, identified only as juror No. 1, came to court with a doctor’s note saying she couldn’t serve on the trial, which could last up to three to four months, the judge said.“I got a handwritten letter which details medical issues that have been brought about by her selection,” Brooklyn federal Judge Brian Cogan told lawyers. “This person has been anxious and upset since selection … If I were to ask further questions, it will result in a breakdown and crying.”Juror No. 1 reportedly burst into tears last Wednesday (Nov. 7) after finding out she was among the seven women and five men selected as jurors in the trial for Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman—the notorious leader of the dangerous Sinaloa drug cartel.At the time, Judge Cogan refused to let her off, saying he didn’t see any “real hardship there.” He added, “My concern is that if one gets off with a few tears, we’re going to have a trail of tears.”Well, thanks to juror No. 1’s well-timed doctor’s note, she was dismissed from the case. Instead of replacing her with one of the six alternates, lawyers on both sides agreed to select a fresh juror, which they did Tuesday morning.Coincidentally (or not), a second juror later complained that he would lose out on income if he continued to serve, even though he’s unemployed. Like juror No. 1, the man was eventually dismissed from the case as well. Several others have expressed fear about serving on the jury.For what it’s worth, El Chapo has (including jurors) from the federal trial, his lawyer said earlier this year.61-year-old Guzman, dressed in a blue suit and tie, reportedly waved to his beauty queen wife, Emma Aispuro, who smiled back in the heavily secured courtroom. He shook hands with each of his attorneys and also gave a slight wave to the judge before taking his seat.In opening statements before jurors, Assistant U.S. Attorney Adam Fels described Guzman as a man who went from small-town drug dealer to a kingpin capable of turning $10 million cocaine deals.Fels accused Guzman of having an army of hundreds of men with assault rifles in Mexico and alleged that Guzman himself had a monogrammed diamond-encrusted handgun and a gold-plated rifle. “Guzman himself pulled the trigger and ordered the disposal of bodies,” Fels said. “Money. Drugs. Murder. … That is what this case is about.”Guzman’s defense attorney Jeffrey Lichtman said Guzman spent significant time behind bars in Mexican prisons, and the flow of drugs into the United States never slowed down. “Yet, he’s blamed for being the leader. The truth is, he was the leader of nothing,” Lichtman said.Guzman’s multiple escapes from Mexican prisons further fueled the myth that he was a dangerous drug cartel boss, Lichtman said. “A conviction of Guzman is the biggest prize the prosecution could have dreamed of,” he told the jurors. “They claim he is the biggest drug dealer in the world. It’s false.”Guzman, who has been held in solitary confinement since his extradition to the United States early last year, has pleaded not guilty to charges that he collected a multi-billion-dollar fortune smuggling tons of cocaine and other drugs in a vast supply chain that reached well north of the Mexican-United States border.If convicted, El Chapo could spend the rest of his life in prison.Sources: , , is a post from:
November 14, 2018
After a winning week in college football, the Top 10 CFP (College Football Playoff) Rankings remained unchanged in Tuesday’s release of the third list. This is the first time in the history of the rankings that has happened.Alabama (10-0), Clemson (10-0), Notre Dame (10-0) and Michigan (9-1) kept their spots in the top four, with Georgia (9-1) and Oklahoma (9-1) keeping their positions on the list as well at No. 5 and No. 6, respectively. Alabama is the #1 team in the country for the 15th time in 28 rankings, and they, along with Clemson (#2) and Notre Dame (#3), remain undefeated.“These are complete teams,” committee chair Rob Mullens said when asked about the gap between Alabama and Clemson. “We spent a lot of time talking about it. They are both top-10 offenses, top-10 defenses, but at this point, everyone has Alabama one, Clemson two.”LSU (#7), Washington State (#8), West Virginia (#9) and Ohio State (#10) stayed the course as well, rounding out the top 10.:There was shuffle beyond the top 10, with some losses dropping a few teams and knocking out others altogether.But first, those that gained. Undefeated UCF climbed up one spot to No. 11, as did Syracuse to No. 13. Penn State climbed six spots, up to No. 14, after a 22-10 win over Wisconsin.UCF’s No. 11 ranking is the highest for a Group of Five team in the CFP’s history.“You can’t avoid the fact that strength of schedule is an issue when compared to the other teams,” Mullens said of UCF.Iowa State also climbed six spots to No. 16 after its fifth straight win. Texas is No. 15 this week, up three spots.But Washington was the biggest climber, coming in at No. 18 — up from No. 25 last week.Some teams dropped after performances last week: Kentucky slipped from No. 11 to No. 17 after falling to unranked Tennessee, and Florida slipped two spots to No. 15 after a close win against South Carolina. Boston College is No. 20, three spots down from last week, following a 27-7 home loss to Clemson. Another SEC team slipped five spots: Mississippi State, down to No. 21 from No. 16 after a 24-0 shutout loss to the Crimson Tide on Saturday.Utah is back in the rankings at No. 19 while Northwestern made its CFP debut this season as No. 22.Michigan State, NC State, Fresno State and Auburn fell out of the rankings altogether.There was movement among Group of Five teams this week, with Boise State debuting at No. 25 after defeating Fresno State. The Mountain West conference also has representative Utah State at No. 23. And Cincinnati came in at No. 24 this week.At this point, you’re probably wondering what the College Football Playoffs schedule could potentially look like.While nothing has been confirmed—as there are still two weeks left in the season and even though the top 6 teams are VERY good, college football is extremely unpredictable—here’s what the bracket would look like today ():And, unless something changes, this will be the schedule:Saturday, December 29thNoon ET: Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl: No. 12 Syracuse vs. No. 9 West Virginia (Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta)4 p.m. ET: College Football Playoff semifinal at the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic: No. 4 Michigan vs. No. 1 Alabama (AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas)8 p.m. ET: College Football Playoff semifinal at the Capital One Orange Bowl: No. 3 Notre Dame vs. No. 2 Clemson (Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida)Tuesday, January 1st1 p.m. ET: PlayStation Fiesta Bowl: No. 11 UCF vs. No. 7 LSU (State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona)5 p.m. ET: Rose Bowl Game Presented by Northwestern Mutual: No. 8 Washington State vs. No. 10 Ohio State (Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California)8:45 p.m. ET: Allstate Sugar Bowl: No. 6 Oklahoma vs. No. 5 Georgia (Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans)The 2019 College Football Playoff National Championship game will be held on Monday, January 7th at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.Potential CFP Championship game match-ups include: Alabama vs. Clemson, Alabama vs. Notre Dame, Michigan vs. Clemson or Michigan vs. Notre Dame.Who do you think will be playing in the National Championship? is a post from:
November 14, 2018
While performing at the Camp Flog Gnaw music festival in Los Angeles Sunday night (Nov. 11), Jaden Smith made a rather interesting announcement.Speaking to the crowd, Jaden said that Tyler the Creator is his “boyfriend.”“I just wanna say Tyler the Creator is the best friend in the world and I love him so f***ing much,” Smith said into the microphone. “And I wanna tell you guys something. I wanna tell you … Tyler doesn’t wanna say, but Tyler’s my motherf***ing boyfriend! And he’s been my motherf***ing boyfriend my whole f***ing life!”Smith added, “Tyler the Creator is my f***ing boyfriend! It’s true!” He concluded: “Tyler the Creator is my f***ing boyfriend. OK? You take anything away from this f***ing show, that’s what you need to take away.”Fans managed to capture Jaden’s speech on film, and in one video, the camera pants to Tyler, who wagged his finder, looked at the crowd and shook his head “no” while laughing.Following the performance, Jaden wrote on Twitter: “Yup @tylerthecreator I Told Everyone You Can’t Deny It Now.”Yup I Told Everyone You Can’t Deny It Now.— Jaden Smith (@officialjaden) After seeing Jaden’s message, Tyler replied: “hahaha you a crazy n***a man.”While Tyler’s reaction seems to suggest Smith was joking, it isn’t clear whether Smith was up to his usual crazy antics or genuinely announcing a romantic relationship.Neither Smith nor Tyler have explicitly labeled their own sexualities, with Smith being known for embracing gender-fluid fashion and Tyler calling himself gay and alluding to “coming out of the closet” on Twitter on multiple occasions.I TRIED TO COME OUT THE DAMN CLOSET LIKE FOUR DAYS AGO AND NO ONE CARED HAHAHHAHAHA— Tyler, The Creator (@tylerthecreator) NOT POSSIBLE, WE'RE BOTH GAY — Tyler, The Creator (@tylerthecreator) CANT SLEEP; IN EUROPE ; BEEN DRAWING STUFF — Tyler, The Creator (@tylerthecreator) Tyler seemed to have confirmed his queerness on his 2017 album “Flower Boy.”On “I Ain’t Got Time!” he rapped: “Next line will have ’em like ‘whoa’ / I’ve been kissing white boys since 2004.” And the whole second verse of “” addresses him basically hiding in the closet. is a post from:
November 13, 2018
Stan Lee, the man who co-created Marvel Comics, has died. His daughter . He was 95 years old.“My father loved all of his fans. He was the greatest, most decent man,” Lee’s daughter told TMZ.According to the gossip site, an ambulance rushed to Lee’s home in Hollywood Hills early Monday morning (Nov. 12) and he was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he later died.Lee’s cause of death has not yet been revealed, but we do know he has suffered a number of illnesses over the past year or so, including pneumonia.Stan Lee and Jack Kirby started Marvel in 1961 with the Fantastic Four, and Lee went on to create Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, X-Men, Iron Man, Black Panther, Doctor Strange and The Avengers.Stan was also known for making cameo appearances in all of the Marvel movies.It’s reported that Lee and Marvel had a rocky relationship after the company started re-making the comics/cartoons into big Hollywood blockbusters. He sued the company in 2002 for royalties he said the company owed him for the first “Spider-Man” movie. He settled the case three years later for $10 million.Lee is survived by his daughter, Joan Celia aka “J.C.” His wife of 69 years, also named Joan, died of complications from a stroke in 2017. She too was 95 years old when she passed away. is a post from:
November 12, 2018